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West Wales Raiders are pleased to announce a brand new partnership with Equip4Gyms.

Even during lockdown the Raiders are hard at work in growing the club and brand. This time we have added a fantastic company who is very popular in the world of gym equipment. Equip4gyms was launched to address a notable gap in the market for refurbished fitness equipment at affordable prices. They source their equipment from around the UK and wider Europe which then undergoes a rigorous refurbishment process before being offered to customers for purchase online. Equip4gyms owner Dominic Reynolds added “I have been following the Raiders for a while and when Tiff first approached me I thought this was a great project to get involved with, since then I have had a number of boys work for me and they have been great with everything I have asked of them, I’m looking forward to hopefully seeing some games this year and support the club and boys.” West Wales Raiders CEO Peter Tiffin spoke to us on the new partnership “Dom and the family have been close friends of mine since a young age and everything he has done from supplements to now gym equipment we have tried to support each other. Equip4gyms haven’t just supported the Raiders in the usual way of sponsorship but have helped many of our partners in finding gym equipment that they have needed for their businesses. More recently they have helped with our overseas recruits by giving them work and this is working very well currently between both parties. Dom & I are in constant discussions on how we can grow the partnership and one measures decrease we will look further in to these ideas.” To find out more information on Equip4gyms please have a look at their recently updated website

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