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West Wales Raiders have appointed Ash Bateman as the 2022 Head Coach.

Bateman has been around the game in Wales for as long as most can remember and has been a stalwart for the Raiders during their emergence into the professional ranks.

Bateman has the respect of everyone in the game in Wales, and beyond, and he has the passion needed to take the club forward. He only began working with the squad following the Challenge Cup loss to Swinton. But in that short period, numbers have dramatically improved, and training has gone from strength to strength with fresh faces constantly being given an opportunity to train and compete with members of last season's squad.

Year on year, the Raiders have looked for qualities in a coach that has the skill to develop players, the passion of the Welsh, and the determination to build the game in Wales. If Bateman can show half of his passion as a coach, that he had as a player, it could very well be the missing link the club has needed to take the team to the next step, and help the club turn the corner.

Keep an eye out for the full interview with Ash, and other members of the club.

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