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The West Wales Raiders Rugby League Club and the Saluzzo Roosters Rugby League Club from Italy have formed a partnership that will see the two clubs support each other in key areas of their respective businesses into the future. The two clubs have many things in common as they work hard to establish themselves in their respective competitions.

The Saluzzo Roosters compete in the French National Division 2 (PACA) while the West Wales Raiders are in the UK League 1 competition. It is hoped that the partnership will enable the Raiders and the Roosters staff to collaborate on marketing and management strategies and to provide potential sponsors with greater exposure throughout the UK and Europe. The clubs will also work together to provide Coaches, Players and Administrators the opportunity for Professional Development via exchange programmes and the sharing of resources and knowledge.

The West Wales Raiders have recently completed the signing of the Saluzzo Roosters’ International Front-Rower Gioele Celerino who arrived in Wales last week to commence training. Gioele was the Roosters marquee player for season 2018-19 and has joined the Raiders to further his development under Head Coach Kim Williams and his staff. The Raiders will also host Saluzzo’s Head Coach Elio Giocoma over the coming weeks and provide him with the opportunity to develop his Coaching skills and knowledge while working closely with the Raiders’ coaches. The partnership between the two clubs will ensure that these opportunities will continue to be available for players and staff in future years.

The Raiders CEO Peter Tiffin added “Here at the Raiders we are always looking at ways to grow our pathways, the signing of Gioele is one that we are very happy with, he has settled in well and was a talking point at our charity day last week, this partnership will begin straight away as we have plans for Saluzzo’s head coach Elio to come over and to see how everything works at the Raiders. We have other ideas and plans for the future in which we are in discussion with Saluzzon and will release closer to the time.

The Roosters President spoke on behalf of the club and said “I'm truly glad to announce the collaboration between our team and the West Wales Riders, which is for us and all our guys a great chance to learn and grow. With no doubt, being able to train and learn from professionals of the calibre of Kim Williams will just give us a chance to improve and live an incredible experience. I firmly believe that for our small club, this partnership will be an instrumental step to mature. It's a great chance and we're looking forward to take the most out of it.

I'd like to personally thank all those that made this partnership possible: if we do great things, it's only thanks to great people.”

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