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We caught up with new signing Gavin Henson & part owner Peter Tiffin on last nights announcement.

After the news broke last night of the club signing British Lion Gavin Henson we caught up with part owner Peter Tiffin & new signing Gavin Henson on their comments.

Gavin began by saying “It all started when I met Andrew & Peter through some mutual friends, the main aim of the first meeting was to see if we could do something to help grow the club & help with some skill session for the younger age groups, but after speaking to them both at length and hearing their plans I was keen to actually sign and get back on the pitch.

It’s been documented that I would have liked to have a go at league when I was younger, but the opportunity was never right and having spoken to Andrew & Peter at the club everything seemed to have lined up nicely.

This was never about Welsh caps or money but more of a personal ambition to have a go at rugby league and see how the both codes differ.

I’m under no illusion the change is going to be a tough one and looking at the standard of league 1 it looks like a very tough but exciting competition. Regardless of what I have done in the past this is going to be a whole new ball game and I know I have a bit to learn especially the difference in rules but I’m as excited as ever to get back on the field and start training with the boys.”

Peter added “It’s always been a huge part of our business plan to make sure we had homegrown players in our squad & the signing of Gav will enhance our plan .

The opportunity to have Gav involved with the club came through a business link of Andrew’s and myself and from the initial group meeting Gav has shown a keen interest towards being part of the club which is fantastic, I think he is more excited to be a part of the squad for the new season than anyone else.

The original plan was to introduce Gav slowly into the 2020 season but with the unforeseen cancellation of this season it will now be the 2021 season where we will see him playing for the club.

We as a club really look forward to not only seeing Gav on the pitch but being heavily involved with all of our off field events within the community across Wales.”


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