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WWR – With the appointment of new head coach Kim Williams how has the early relationship between you two been?

PT – With every coach we have had here at the Raiders, whether it has been at junior level or seniors I have tried to make sure that they have felt as welcome and comfortable as possible. Since Kim’s arrival back in September last year we have spent a lot of time together going to various games and meetings, along with this we currently share an office so have been together most days over the past 5 months.

WWR – With the season coming have you seen any change in Kim’s preparations?

PT – Ever since Kim moved in to the office with myself we have been planning for everything to make sure there isn’t nothing we have missed, it’s great having him on board with his knowledge of the game as there have been various areas in which he has added to in which we shall see massive benefits across the season and further. One area that Kim is very keen on improving is the pathway the club has, the amount of schools, colleges, universities and clubs that we have in Wales is fantastic and Kim and the club want to give our full support to everyone and we have tried our best to meet up with everyone involved in the sport.

WWR – What are your thoughts on the new signings at the club this season?

PT – Where this season differs to the last, we have seen multiple players contacting the club for the opportunity to being involved with the Raiders for 2019. Last season as most know it was difficult at times to get bodies at fixtures and training, already we are seeing 30 plus at every single session which is a massive step in the right direction. It’s great to see the calibre of players the club has managed to capture for the upcoming season.

WWR – How do you think preseason has been going currently?

PT – I can honestly say that I have only been to a couple of sessions during this preseason, we as directors wanted to allow Kim and his backroom staff to do what they needed to do without any hierarchy being present. I must say I called down to our base last Thursday and was pleased with what I saw during training and on the analysis clips also.

WWR – Preseason friendlies begin soon, how do you think they will pan out?

PT – As I said previously, I haven't been attending many sessions so seeing the players in action during the friendlies will be a new thing for all of us directors, as one of the board said previously “we feel like supporters this season with not knowing how they look”. I must admit that I try to speak to all the staff and players when I can and the feeling in the camp is a totally different one from last season


WWR – What are your predictions for the upcoming betfred league one season?

PT – With it being our first season in league one last year we understood it was going to be tough but last year would have tested anyone involved in sports dedication, it was a very difficult one for all involved in the club both on and off the pitch. As soon as the season was over myself and the other directors invited Kim to one of our meetings to go through all of the preparations for the year ahead. We all stated that this seasons expectations were to be a lot more competitive in all of our games during 2019 and to try and improve week on week, as long as we do this we will all be happy in the club’s progression. Kim on the other hand had different expectations to the board and we are fully behind this and look forward to the season ahead.

WWR – This year all the releases seem to have been about the players and staff, are the club going to be releasing any news on club sponsors/ partners for the season and when will the new kits be launched?

PT – With Kim taking a huge amount of workload on it has allowed me to get out and meet with new and old sponsors/partners as well as look at other areas the club can develop upon. We will be releasing all of the new sponsors/partners that will be on our new playing kits the end of the week and continue next week. The kits this season will be an interesting one for everyone as there are colours that most won’t be expecting from the Raiders.

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