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The Raiders are disappointed to announce that a player has been suspended from playing rugby league.

The West Wales Raiders are disappointed to announce that a player has been found guilty of using a prohibited drug by UKAD during the 2019 season. Morgan Jefferies was tested after a game earlier in the season and when the club was informed of the outcome by the RFL and UKAD he was subsequently released from his contract immediately. The West Wales Raiders have been in constant touch with UKAD and the RFL in regards to this matter and have followed all protocols as instructed.

The West Wales Raiders are disappointed that Morgan let his club and his teammates down during a difficult season and we fully support the ruling and outcomes enforced by the RFL and UKAD. The club has supported Morgan and his family throughout the process and we know that he is remorseful and he will pay a hefty price for his bad decisions. We hope to see him move forward and return to the field once his suspension has been served.

West Wales Raiders CEO Peter Tiffin added “Morgan has been with us since the beginning of the club back in 2014 so it was a shock to us to find out that he had been found guilty of using prohibited drugs whilst under contract with the Raiders. We make sure that we have all the appropriate staff at the Raiders to discuss any topic that a player is concerned about with Sian our head psychologist available at each session. We are still in contact with Morgan and his family to make sure he has the appropriate support through this tough time for him whilst still being disappointed as a club of his actions. We are as always in full contact with the RFL and fully support the decision as Morgan and any other player who is found guilty of using drugs whilst under contract should be reprimanded for their decisions.

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