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Raiders show support to community clubs

West Wales Raiders plan to support all avenues of Rugby League in South Wales and want to begin with a £500* donation during these difficult times.

The board at West Wales Raiders have decided they want to show their support to all 7 community clubs in Wales with a small cash amount to help them during these difficult times.

The club decided that they wanted to support all 7 clubs (Aber Valley Wolves, Bridgend Blue Bulls, Cardiff Blue Dragons, Cynon Valley Cavalliers, Rhondda Outlaws, Torfaen Tigers & Valley Cougars) but in return for each club to show their support to the Raiders also.

West Wales Raiders CEO Peter Tiffin added “We understand it’s difficult times for everyone currently and we here at the Raiders want to show our support to all 7 community clubs. Over the past 3 years we have been working hard behind the scenes to make sure the club remains financially viable to help during times of hardship just like these. The RFL have done extremely well in securing the £16m grant from the government and I am pleased to say the West Wales Raiders will be one of the few clubs not needing to apply for this loan. We want to support the clubs in the South Wales area ensuring that every team has the correct amount of support to go when the lockdown is finally lifted. As the only professional rugby league club in South Wales we have a duty to help where possible and we hope in return the clubs will help support us build for the future.

Moving forward we want to show more support to the clubs and the pathways in Wales, we have numerous ways of trying to show our support whilst helping all parts of Wales. To gain the cash injection offered, we are asking the most senior individual from the clubs interested to contact myself on to find out how they can apply for the money.”

*Each club can gain up to £500 each based on the terms and conditions set out for each club.

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Kerry Sheehy
13 mei 2020

Well done for supporting the developing amateur game in Wales.

I've lost touch with the Welsh Rugby League hierarchy but I have urged them to follow, to the best of their ability, the work going on in Newcastle. If we are to truly embed the game, here in Wales we must continually increase the number of participants in the amateur game, year on year. It's the marketing ''long haul'' but the history of our game has many examples of well meaning groups trying to establish the game from the top down, (while ignoring the community/schools game) which have been unsustainable over the long course, because of the lack of commitment to introducing our game to ever increasing numbers of new…

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