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Third member on our new segment of “MEET THE BOARD” is the final part owner and director Aneurin Gravell.

Aneurin has always been a part of the club even in their very early days as Gwendraeth Valley Raiders, his love of sport and friendships within the club made him want to be a part of the board.

We caught up with Aneurin on his life changing moment, friendships within the board and future aims.

“Hello everyone, I don’t often have the opportunity to discuss how and why I became a board member and part owner of the West Wales Raiders. I was invited to join the Raiders board by Andrew Thorne after previously volunteering my services to help with the running of Gwendraeth Valley Raiders on home match days, I was asked to be on the board shortly after the club took over from the South Wales Ironmen. It took a couple of months and many a meeting with Andrew & Peter but once they presented their 5 year plan I was sold. I am a huge fan of all sports and think what the club has set out to achieve is fantastic in such a short time.

My background outside of sport saw me previously working at Trostre Tinplate Works before suffering a life changing accident where I had risen up through the system to be a team leader. Nowadays I help run a small holding along with my family. We retrain ex racehorses and livery yard.

As most in South Wales I played rugby union, I began playing for Kidwelly before moving on to play for Mynyddygarreg RFC whom I captained on two separate seasons. When my playing days ended I became an active committee member of Mynyddygarreg RFC.                          

My future hopes for the Raiders is that we promote the game of rugby league in South Wales and further, I also want to make sure that we have the correct pathways in place that see both boys and girls from a much younger age partake in rugby league. The plans we have set up can hopefully achieve the development needed to create a really strong pathway both beneath and above the Raiders.

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