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Second member on our new segment of “MEET THE BOARD” is club CEO & part owner Peter Tiffin.

Peter joined the Raiders back when they were known as the Gwendraeth Valley Raiders, he had currently finished playing rugby for Trimsaran RFC and had taken up a position on their coaching team, at the same time a player who had just joined asked him to come and take a look at a new rugby league side in Mynydd Y Garreg and to see if he fancied joining their coaching staff also.

We caught up with Peter on why he joined, how he and the club has progressed and his goals for himself and the club moving forward.

“The past 5 years have been crazy, if i’m honest we could easily write a book with all the up and downs. Some people may have given up especially after that record-breaking day at York, but for myself and Andrew we haven’t changed our plans even though there have been many stumbling blocks along the way. We have now grown as a board with a diverse group of knowledgeable members with the same goal.

After finishing playing at 28, I didn’t have much time in thinking what was next as my local side asked me to help with coaching and the Raiders also. Since then I haven’t looked back and have been involved in so many different teams in both league and union, and now football.

In the 5 years with the Raiders we have gone from the Welsh league all the way through to the professional leagues, it was always our aim to achieve this but not as fast as we did, this is why the first 12 months were so difficult when we entered league 1 as we didn’t realise the jump from amateur to professional. Moving forward we hope we can achieve all the goals we set in our 5-year plan as a professional club.

One of the aims was to help grow the game in Wales, this is mainly the reason I took up a position with WRL so we could work together to grow the sport from schools, colleges and universities all the way through to the first team, this is still a huge goal of mine and the club and we look forward to the next couple of months to see how we can support each other further.

Most recently I have taken up a position as a CEO for the town’s football team, this was also one of the areas we wanted to work on and show support, it’s interesting for me to see not only the differences but the similarities that both clubs have and the goals set out to grow the sport and the brand within Wales.

It's exciting times to be involved with the club currently as there is so much good work being done by everyone, there is also plenty of news to be announced that will shock many once the green light is given.”

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