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After his first year in charge which was cancelled later on by covid, it was only fair for the Raiders to extend head coach Aaron Wood’s contract for the 2021 season.

With such anticipation for the 2021 season and the strong recruitment process from Aaron and his team it was a tough start to the season with a challenge cup fixture against league legends Widnes, the season was also a very difficult one with no breaks during fixtures and all teams being much more competitive as everyone was taking points off everyone.

At the beginning targets were set to reach the play offs and most agreed that with the squad created by Aaron it was more than achievable, as this was a lot tougher than expected and only one point was taken in the league it was discussed that Raiders and Wood wouldn’t renew the contract as both agreed it was best for Raiders and Aaron moving forward.

We caught up with Raiders part owner Peter Tiffin on the decision “Aaron and myself speak daily and this conversation has arisen numerous times and now the time has come we sat down and discussed the best route forward for both, Aaron has become well known in the area and to move on will be difficult for all but for both to progress within their futures of the game this was the best scenario. The same as the two other meetings I have had with both Jon Ellis and Kim Williams in them ending their times with the club I still am in regular contact with both and class them as friends, this will also be the same with Aaron and I hope he has a successful future in what ever he decides to do next.”

The club will have further announcements during the week so keep an eye out across all our platforms.

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