When to use Draig Balm Muscle Rub ?
Recommended for the relief of muscular pains and stiffness, including Back and Rheumatic Pain,
Sciatica, Fibrosis and Chilblains.
Can be used before and after exercise.

How does it work ?

Draig Balm generates penetrating warmth in aching, injured sore muscles.
Formulated with WelshClay, together with Seven Amazzing Essential Oils.
WelshClay is a cosmetic grade Kaolin clay mined within the Gwendreath Valley, Carmarthenshire, Wales in the United Kingdom
WelshClay has a 'Very High Iron Content'.
Iron oxygenates the blood within our bodies.
Oxygenated blood improves its circulation, thus helping the Heart to perform better and stay healthier.

Draig Balm Muscle Rub is a member of the CLAI Well-Being Family of products formulated with WelshClay.
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Draig Balm

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