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Statement from The West Wales Raiders Board.

Last week the RFL announced that the 2020 Championship season would be cancelled and also that there would be no promotion or relegation.  Finally, the RFL offered an end of season competition covering 16 teams, by invite, running across October and November 2020.

This week the board met up to discuss this among other categories, the decision made by the RFL has helped the board to address all the positive and negative effects for either decision.

As a board we went into depth on the correct decision for the club and the players / staff and understand that’s as a club we have a duty of care first and foremost to both players and staff and while the end of season competition is something that intrigues us as a club but we have decided not to take part.

Our players, who are part time, have not played since March, and with the current guidelines in Wales It’s been difficult to get the players together as a group.

The club have been very proactive during lockdown on growing the Raiders brand and there are many more announcements lined up which will raise eyebrows. The senior staffing group have begun to plan for a much earlier preseason and have drawn up the squad they wish to recruit ready for 2021.

The board meeting welcomed two new members and are continuing to grow a diverse board that realises the potential of the Raiders both in Wales and the world of rugby league.

Everyone from the club want to thank everyone for their continued support and stay safe.


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