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West Wales Raiders will, together with Rugby League clubs at all levels from the grassroots through to Super League, be inactive for the next fortnight following the joint decision of the RFL and Super League to suspend fixtures until, initially, Thursday 3 April 2020.

The RFL along with all championship & league 1 clubs will, during the interim period, consider the season’s structure & fixture rescheduling.

West Wales Raiders home Betfred League 1 fixture with Coventry Bears on Sunday (22 March) will not be going ahead, and the following week the Raiders will not be making the long journey to Workington.

Head coach Aaron Wood said: “To all our supporters and followers , as you are all aware the RFL have decided to postpone our games up until the beginning of April. We as a club have decided to stop training for this week to put our players health first.

We will continue to monitor and have daily updates from the RFL and UK health's authorities.

We have given players training programs to do while training is cancelled ,and as a team we will keep close contact via emails ,phone and skype to be ready for our next game whenever it may be. Player and supporter safety must be everyone's priority, but we also understand and hope that when this epidemic is over we can play our part in making sure society can get back to normal as quickly as possibly, and sport is a big part of that.

We will remain as positive as we can as a squad with this current time, plus we want to make sure the timings are correct to welcome in our new recruits.

We want to thank all our supporters and online follower's, we will keep you updated on club matters & events as and when they arise.”

Certain members of our staff will be continuing to work so if you have any enquiries please email

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