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Raiders Chairman talks about the RFL Sanctions

After today's release about the sanctions placed upon the club we caught up with the West Wales raiders Chairman Andrew Thorne:

Today’s news was obviously not good and it has summed up the year we had in 2018. I’m not going to keep on making excuses for the season, we had a step curve to climb and we learnt lessons the hard way. Our first season had a number of issues we had to sort and we took our eye of the ball on occasions and we got punished for it, transfer deadline caught us out and we didn’t pay enough attention to the administration.

I’m not looking to blame anyone, as chairman the responsibility lays with me and I will make sure we don’t fall foul of these issues again. With the points being deducted from the 2018 season we can concentrate on the 2019 season.

This season the new head coach Kim Williams and the board have concentrated on all the things we let ourselves down on last season and you will most definitely see a different West Wales Raiders this season we have made some good signings and the lads have performed well in pre-season.

On behalf of the club I would like to apologise for the mistakes we made last season and will show our sponsors and supporters that we can compete in this league and we will compete well and make sure the integrity of the competition is upheld.

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